Veritas Integrated Psychiatric Care was created to provide excellence in mental health by addressing the whole person: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Unlike the current medical model with its focus on symptom management, Veritas is distinctive in its approach by seeking out the root causes of the symptoms: discerning whether they are physical, neurological, psychological, psychiatric, medication, illegal drug related, or spiritual in nature---and treating them appropriately.


mind The mind is a beautiful gift from God for us to use responsibly. With it we have the capacity to worship Him, or something else. He also gave us intellect to be able to make "witty inventions" for our comfort (clothes, glasses, and medications, to name a few), for our enjoyment(music, fine arts, and fishing rods), or for our self-destruction (nerve gas, atomic, and nuclear bombs). God gave each of us a free will to choose to do what is right or wrong. The choice is ours--as are the consequences. But where did mental illness come from? How did it all start? How do my choices impact it? Read on and you'll find out.


body God made each of us tri-partite beings, having body, soul, and spirit. The body is that part of us with which we interact with our environment and those around us. When we take care of our bodies and of our souls (mind, will, and emotions), we can enjoy both physical and mental health. Each one affects the other both positively and negativelty. It is a reciprocal relationship, as we shall shortly see.


spirit This part of mental health is the least talked about by psychiatrists. We all have an eternal spirit that at death will be judged immediately and eternally. There is a battle for our minds that few recognize or understand. Not all thoughts or voices are a product of your own mind. Is this difficult or scary stuff? Let's not be fainthearted. Let's take each topic in turn and see where the truth lies. Truth, after all, is a Veritas distinctive. The Truth will set you free. So, let' start.