Veritas Telepsychiatry is a web-based component of the practice for self-pay and concierge clients that allows you to have appointments with me by video-conference using your laptop or PC. The Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare reported in February 2003 that telepsychiatry is as effective in treatment as seeing patients in the office. Unfortunately medicare limits the use of telepsychiatry to those living in a non-metropolitan, medically under served area and would require me to have a contract with each of the clinics the patients around Michigan and the US would have to travel to. This is too restrictive and leaves many patients unreachable. That is one of the reasons I will not contract with medicare or medicaid.

My vision for Veritas Telepsychiatry is to make my services available to those who don't have easy access to psychiatric services in their locale. Suppose you are housebound by physical disabilities, severe anxiety, social phobia, fears, or you are unable to drive due to loss of vehicle or driver's license, or your vehicle is simply in the shop--Veritas Telepsychiatry opens the door for you to get mental health services. Whether you live in a metropolitan or rural area, within Michigan, or out of state; whether you move, go out of town or out of the country for business, vacation, or short-term missionary work---Veritas Telepsychiatry is a means for you to stay connected and get the help you need.

The benefits of Veritas Telepsychiatry is that it saves you gas money by not having to drive or fly in for your appointments. It saves you wear and tear on your vehicle as well as travel time to and from appointments. You also wouldn't have to wait in the reception area before seeing me. As long as you have internet access, a laptop with a web cam and microphone, and you are alone where it is private, you could have your appointment with me from the comfort of your own home, private office, cottage, hotel, motel, or camper trailer. I use Securetelehealth for these services. Please feel free to look at their website: The lines are encrypted for confidentiality purposes to protect your privacy.

Veritas Telepsychiatry also enhances continuity of care. If you need to be seen urgently when I am out of town on business or vacation, I could set aside a couple of hours a day for those cases that can't wait. A surcharge will be assessed in addition to the regular service fee for those urgent appointments. Whether you or I go on vacation, or either one of us should ever move, Veritas Telepsychiatry would allow us to remain connected so you would not have to find another psychiatrist for your mental health needs.